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Puppy Vaccines

We now stock a broad range of puppy vaccines

Taking ownership of a puppy is a very special, enjoyable and challenging time. For the new puppy, it is a time of learning and development where bonds are made and habits formed.

Socialisation is a vital part any new puppy’s development. Your puppy should be introduced to as many new experiences and situations as possible in the golden period before 12 weeks of age.

This can be difficult when a delay in completing the puppy’s vaccination course postpones the point at which the puppy can start to go for walks and meeting other dogs.

Delays can occur when a new puppy’s vet does not stock the vaccine brand that the breeder’s vet has used. In this case, the vaccination course may need to be “re-started”. A consequence of re-starting the course is that it will take longer for the puppy to be fully protected by the vaccine, meaning that socialisation may have to be put on hold. Re-starting the course may also incur extra cost for the puppy’s new owner.

Here at GKG Vets we now stock multiple puppy vaccine brands, meaning that we can offer second puppy vaccines compatible with ALL the licensed vaccines in the United Kingdom. This will enable us to provide your puppy with a vaccine which is the same as, or compatible with, the first vaccine administered by your breeder’s vet. This avoids the need to re-start the vaccination course.

We hope that this tailored vaccination service will give your puppy the best chance of getting out and about to experience new people and places within the golden socialisation period, helping him or her to develop into a happy and well-rounded dog.

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