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Alterations to our Opening Hours and Emergency Service

Opening Hours

As you will have experienced the practice has become much busier over the last few years. Our current working hours mean we often cannot book your pet in with the vet as soon as we would like. To improve the service we will now be offering vet appointments until 8pm every weekday at the Newbury surgery.

Additionally, we will be extending the Newbury Saturday opening hours until 2pm and offering appointments in Newbury on a Sunday between 10am-12pm. The Thatcham surgery will now be open for morning appointments from 9am on weekdays.

Emergency Service

We all appreciate how frightening it can be when your pet is unwell, particularly when we are closed. To ensure that your pet has the best possible care at all times, we will be partnering with VetsNow who offer a first class dedicated out of hours service, with vets and nurses who specialise in emergency care.

Based at Castle Vets in Reading, VetsNow vets and nurses don’t work during the day, so they’re fresh and ready to see your pet at the time you need them. Vets Now has been providing dedicated out-of-hours emergency pet care across the UK for more than 15 years, and now responds to almost half-a-million pet emergencies every year.

We believe our partnership offers you and your pet the very best level of care, day and night.

You can find out more about their service here.

If you need out of hours care, please call our normal number on 01635 405 65 and you will be diverted to the VetsNow contact centre.

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